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DOJ Investigations

Are you a target of a Department of Justice investigation? Have you been served with a subpoena to produce documents or testify in front of a Grand Jury? Are you concerned about your criminal exposure for something that you did or did not do?
The Spencer Law Firm has been assisting its clients for over 40 years to prepare for the DOJ investigation and Grand Jury testimony, sometimes in link with various regulatory bodies who are also conducting their full-scale review of your business practices.
We have worked with real estate developers and speculators, oil and gas promoters, hedge fund operators, privately held companies raising funds and other companies and individuals who have become the focus of various agencies for White Collar criminal offenses. 
The Spencer Law Firm had one client who was a principal target of a large DOJ investigation and after we worked with such, and provided detailed records to the DOJ, actually became the star witness for the DOJ with no prosecution against our client. We were told by the DOJ that this was the most well-prepared witness they had ever worked with.
If you or your company, trust or partnership is prompting letters from a regulator, you must call us for a legal consultation. These investigations can be very expensive so our advice is to have a large war chest if the government comes knocking on your door to serve you a subpoena.

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Whatever your legal needs might be, the Spencer Law Firm are experts in the field of law. Contact us for a free consultation.

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