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Legal problems are inevitable in the course of running a business, from routine transactions that must be properly executed to contentious disputes that put your very business at risk. At The Spencer Law Firm, our attorneys have significant experience handling complex business and corporate law matters for clients in Houston and throughout Texas, nationwide and internationally. We are here to partner with you, guide you and help your business or businesses thrive.

A Wide-Ranging Practice

We are prepared to help you overcome legal challenges at any stage of your business. The scope of our practice includes:

  • Business formation: Wise planning at the very formation of your business will make a significant impact on your long-term goals. We can guide you through all aspects of the process, including the crucial step of selecting a business entity.
  • Business contracts: By carefully drafting, reviewing and negotiating your written agreements, we can help protect your interests in business transactions.
  • Ownership Control Disputes: Often a business gets caught in the middle of conflicting owners who have different outlooks and goals for their company or partnership. This conflict can either destroy ownership value and future business. High level strategic planning for business litigation is crucial to resolve any and all ownership disputes quickly and efficiently.
  • Private Placements: We can help you raise capital for your business or venture by drafting private placements tailored to your specific business needs.
  • Securities Issuance and Compliance: When raising funds for your business, we can ensure that you comply with state and federal securities regulations as well as SEC and FINRA rules and regulations.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: We assist small, mid-cap and large business with any form of restructuring, merger and acquisition.
  • Litigation: When disputes arise, our attorneys can provide you with strong representation designed to secure an outcome that is both favorable and cost-effective.

A successful business law practice requires more than a deep understanding of the law. A good corporate lawyer should also understand the ground floor realities business owners and professionals face every day. Our lawyers know the law and the business world.

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