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Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

What do you do if you have been accused of embezzlement or theft by your partners or shareholders? First of all, a threat of this kind is extremely serious and deserves immediate attention. In fact, this could be the beginning of the end for the company, and it can entangle all involved in an expensive morass.

Not only is there criminal exposure for such actions, but the civil liability is massive as well.

On the flip side of the equation, if you believe that a partner, officer, director or other control person has stolen funds from the company or partnership that you invested in, you need real assistance to determine if your suspicions are verifiable. You don’t want to start something that will damage a reputation or business career if you can’t prove it. There is liability for false accusations of criminal behavior. Spencer Law Firm can assist you in determining whether there is truly some actionable conduct and how to present the same to the right agency or policing entity to achieve the proper result. Indeed, a civil suit to recover your funds or to represent the entity from whom funds have been stolen might be the right decision.

Spencer Law Firm is experienced in the below areas:

  • Investigation of allegations of embezzlement, theft or other mishandling of funds;
  • Representation for partners and shareholders in litigation involving civil and criminal claims;
  • Crafting a response to demand letters accusing client of embezzlement or theft; or creating a demand letter alleging same;
  • Representation throughout grand jury investigations and before appearances before grand jury whether as “targets,” “subjects” or “witnesses”;
  • Representation with Securities and Exchange Commission and FINRA enforcement actions;
  • Representation with the Texas Securities Board;
  • Representation with the Postal Inspector, the Internal Revenue Service, foreign and state regulators;
  • Representation with the Harris County District Attorney, the U.S. District Attorney, the Justice Department, the FBI, the International Criminal Police Organization, the New York District Attorney;
  • Negotiation of immunity agreements and joint defense agreements; and
  • Representation of companies with internal investigations and developing overarching plan for individual and entity response, testimony and/or production of documents.

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