Turning Probabilities Into Realities

    Business Litigation

Protecting Your Interests In And Out Of Court

The attorneys at The Spencer Law Firm are proven trial advocates with a track record of success achieving results for clients in Houston and throughout Texas. We can protect your interests in a broad range of legal disputes, including:

  • Business litigation: When business disputes arise, we strive to resolve them in a manner that protects our clients’ rights and supports their bottom line. We can represent you in any type of litigation that arises through the life of your business.
  • Investor litigation: We can address all investor related disputes, including claims against an issuer for fraud, breach of contract and mishandling of funds in securities litigation. We can help you ensure that your investment complies with federal and state law, as well as all rules and regulations.
  • Oil and Gas litigation: We often represent oil and gas investors when an operator violates the operating agreement. Our firm brings a unique approach to oil and gas legal strategy by incorporating our securities experience into oil and gas litigation.
  • SEC and FINRA Enforcement Actions: From disputes between shareholders and broker-dealers to FINRA and SEC litigation, securities litigation is one of the cornerstones of our practice.

We are skilled negotiators who know how to protect our clients’ interests in and out of court. We will devise a legal strategy designed to achieve your goals in the most cost-effective manner.

Avoid Litigation With Sound Legal Planning

With experienced business law planning, you can avoid many potential legal disputes before they turn into costly realities. We can help you implement policies and procedures that limit the chances of lawsuits and other problems that can spell trouble for your business.

Discuss Your Dispute With A Proven Trial Lawyer

Our trial-tested attorneys are here to help you explore successful legal strategies. To arrange a legal consultation with an experienced trial lawyer in Houston, contact our law offices online or by telephone at 713-568-9008.