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We Understand The Legal Issues Present In Oil, Gas Or Salt Water Disposal Well Investments

“… He just doesn’t pick some scrub attorney out of the phone book. He goes to Houston, the oil and gas capital of the United States and hires one of the top law firms in Houston for oil and gas securities fraud, the Spencer Law Firm. He hires Troy Aikman to quarter back his team. Troy Aikman.” – James A. Pikl, Partner at Scheef & Stone, LLP

Oil and gas law involves legal issues concerning land-use and management, extraction and production, transportation and delivery operations, as well as severed property rights, ownership and royalty interests. A subset of oil and gas law involves salt water disposal wells. Our attorneys have experience in dealing with disputes between developers and operators of various wells, including but not limited to, investors who get swindled in funding for oil and gas well operations, litigation concerning operating agreements and disputes involving ownership rights and royalty interests.

Negotiating operator agreements and participation agreements should be tailored to the particular circumstances of each project and not simply a copy of the “usual” oil and gas agreements. At The Spencer Law Firm we custom each oil and gas investment opportunity, project and operation to fit the complexities of the deal, as each project is different. Many oil and gas attorneys simply serve up old contracts as “industry standard,” we never do this.

Instead, The Spencer Law Firm tailors oil and gas contracts and negotiates terms to actually assist the investor in dealing with the many ways that an operator can secretly or openly profit while the investor gets very little or outright defrauded. The investor holds great power at the beginning of this relationship, as the operator that the funding to develop its properties, wells and otherwise. The Spencer Law Firm encourages these investors to not squander this bargaining power and not simply accept “industry standard” contracts. Investors should negotiate their oil and gas operating agreements and investment contracts for real power over operations and to ensure transparency and accountability. First and foremost, the issue of operator removal is key to these negotiations.

Oil and gas and salt water disposal wells often involve problems surrounding the operating agreement and whether the operator has abided by the terms of the agreement or whether the operator is providing full disclosure to investors. The Spencer Law Firm often represents investors when the operator and others associated with the operator fail to abide by the operating agreement or fail to inform investors of all material and relevant information. These failures often involve fraud because there are many ways to hide money in oil and gas investments schemes. A lack of financial transparency is almost always a sure sign fraud is involved, especially when operator funds are co-mingled with other ventures.

The Spencer Law Firm works with oil and gas companies regarding ALL business transactions and litigation. We represent firms that develop  software applications for oil and gas companies or oil field applications, exploration and drilling companies, estates, investment portfolios and trusts with complicated royalty ownership interests in oil and gas and salt water disposal wells, as well as investors in the oil and gas and salt water disposal well industry. Oil and gas investments typically involve securities, something few oil and gas attorneys are focused upon but for which The Spencer Law Firm is known.

We have extensive experience in dealing with both the transactional and litigation aspects of oil and gas and salt water disposal wells. Contact us today or call us at 713-568-9008 to see how we can help you.