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General Agreements

Many people operate under the misconception that lawyers are only necessary when a situation is completely unmanageable, but this is a huge mistake. By the time disputes reach courthouses, there have already been mistakes made by one or both parties involved in the dispute – mistakes that attorneys have to unravel, side-step, or outright overcome – that may never be corrected. The best time to hire an attorney is when you are in a position to protect your interests: when you are reviewing and signing agreements designed to protect the parties to a transaction.

How do you know these agreements are fair? How do you know they are enforceable? What would you do if you are caught up in a dispute involving an invalid contract and end up paying pocketfuls of money just to make it all go away – or worse, paying pocketfuls of money to finally hire an attorney to sort out a mess that may end up being unsuitable?

The best way to take advantage of your legal resource is to engage your attorney to handle the drafting, review, and negotiation of the contracts and agreements that run our lives. Not only are you receiving protection when you need it, but you are also gaining an adversary who is familiar with these agreements and who can quickly advise you when agreements run awry. In a world full of written agreements, can you afford to be the only person in the room who left the attorney at home?

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