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Labor & Employment

The Spencer Law Firm represents both employers and employees on various employment matters, including:

  • Negotiating employment agreements between employers and employees;
  • Drafting noncompete, noncircumvent, and other agreements related to employment relationships;
  • Theft of intellectual property and trade secrets on both the prosecuting and defending sides of litigation;
  • Prosecuting and defending wage and hour claims;
  • Handling wrongful termination claims; and
  • Handling various other termination issues including drafting separation and severance agreements.

Both entering into new professional relationships and terminating old ones involve a host of legal issues, especially in today’s business world where so much of the value of a business is tied up in intangible assets like electronic data, client and vendor lists, and the like. Employers and employees both need assistance navigating the legal ramifications of employment contracts and agreements, as well as protection to ensure liability is properly allocated with respect to wages, benefits, and circumstances of separation.

The key for employers is prevention. The issue for employees is getting someone in your camp who understands the law and can negotiate a perfect-world offer.

Regardless of whether or not you are an employee or employer, The Spencer Law Firm can assist you by using its experience to your benefit. Contact us for a free initial consultation at 713-568-9008 or use our contact form today.