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Contracts and Other Transactions

One of the most important freedoms recognized by the law is the freedom to contract. Parties are generally free to agree to anything that is not illegal or against public policy, and then to rely on the courts of law to enforce those agreements.

Contracts are one of the easiest ways to outline expectations between partners, limited liability members, shareholders and joint venturers. Whether these are bylaws, membership regulations, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, voting agreements or a joint venture agreement, we can assist you in governing your entity and your business. However, a contract can easily become a trap for the uninformed.

A long history of contract interpretation by the courts and a whole universe of laws passed by the state and federal legislatures can impact the effect of a contract even if one or more of the parties to a contract are unaware of their existence.

Spencer Law Firm strongly encourages its clients to have a written contract in place to memorialize the terms of every business arrangement. The combined experience of Spencer Law Firm in drafting and negotiating contracts can help you ensure that your business arrangements are formalized in a manner that avoids all the relevant legal pitfalls and that, should something go wrong, you can look to the courts to enforce your contractual rights.

Many clients frequently find themselves in contract disputes without a sufficient understanding of their rights and obligations. Similarly, clients all too often find themselves in disputes with little more than an undocumented understanding of the business arrangement. Spencer Law Firm stands ready to bring its decades of experience to help avoid litigation altogether or, if litigation is inevitable, to position our clients in the best stance possible.

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