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Business Transactions

How do you document business relationships? A contract of course! You should always have a written contract outlining the details of your business relationships so there is no misunderstanding.

Without a written contract you have a fairly limited ability to prove there was a business relationship and an even slimmer chance of proving that your terms governed the relationship. Memories are variable and even though you believe that every one of your business partners is on the same page. Contracts are one of the easiest ways to outline expectations between partners, limited liability members, shareholders and joint venturers.  Additionally, the Statute of Frauds in Texas mandates that certain contracts be in writing.

Whether you need a contract to outline who owns what in a business entity or how you are going to divvy up the workload in owning a restaurant, we can assist you in developing contracts governing your entity and your business. The Spencer Law Firm strongly encourages its clients to have a written contract in place to memorialize the terms of every business arrangement.

The combined experience of The Spencer Law Firm in drafting and negotiating contracts can help you ensure that your business arrangements are formalized in a manner that avoids all the relevant legal pitfalls and that, should something go wrong, you can look to the courts to enforce your contractual rights.

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