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Examples of business disputes

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Your understanding of business law today can prepare you for business disputes later on. One of the major forces that destroys a business owner’s work is surprise. When you don’t expect the worst, you are less prepared for when it happens. Texas business owners need to measure the risks that their companies face. Only then can they prepare for the common disputes businesses endure.

Intellectual property rights

Your intellectual property makes you stand out, develops your product and, in the legal sense, can’t be reproduced or found elsewhere. Business law ensures that the copyrights to a creation belong solely to the creator of that thing. Businesses that reuse copies of your intellectual property need to request such rights. This includes paying a fee should you deem it necessary.

Among employees, management and ownership

As a business, internal disputes, though potentially manageable and calm, put managers, employees and owners against each other. An effective way to reduce internal disputes is by establishing policies for everyone to operate by. Just be ready to revise those procedures and train everyone about them. Among owners specifically, these disputes are common:

  • Confusion about who should take up any leadership role
  • Ambiguity and later dissent about someone’s financial compensation
  • Differences in branding and maintaining a company voice in the public
  • Breaching fiduciary rights or making profits without partners knowing

Clear breaches of contract

A breach of contract is among the most common disputes that you’ll need to prepare for. Contracts are binding when you sign them, so yours need to be professional and accurate. The clauses you enter need to hold the other party involved accountable. Business law is what you can rely on when adjusting your contracts and ensuring that your wishes are supported by law.