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Johnson & Johnson gets a major blow in the talc case

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | product liability |

The Supreme Court has allowed one of the largest personal injury verdicts in history to stand by refusing to hear Johnson & Johnson’s appeal. The company was hit with a $2.1 billion verdict in a state court case filed by a group of women who claimed that they developed ovarian cancer after using the product. This could have major impacts for injured Texas women and their families.

The talc powder has been shown to have asbestos

The lawsuits alleged that the company’s flagship talc powder product was tainted with asbestos. Talc and asbestos occur naturally near each other in the ground, and talc samples could have traces of asbestos. For years, Johnson & Johnson vigorously denied that talc powder had asbestos, and the company went to great lengths to argue that its product was safe. However, evidence showed that the company knew all along of the dangers of its product.

The litigation is getting bigger

Now, there are thousands of lawsuits as part of multidistrict litigation that seeks damages from Johnson & Johnson. Given the fact that juries have slapped the company with punitive damages over its conduct, there is real legal trouble. The company may be forced to settle with the plaintiffs because of the massive potential liability. In the meantime, Johnson & Johnson has pulled its talc powder from the market after test samples showed a high presence of asbestos. Plaintiffs are still coming forward with lawsuits as they have been sickened.

If you are within the statute of limitations, you can still join the multidistrict litigation. A product liability attorney may review your case to see if you have valid legal grounds for a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson.