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Over 200,000 veterans take 3M to court over hearing loss claims

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2021 | Multidistrict Litigation |

Throughout Texas and other states, many people join the military to protect their country. For military personnel to properly perform their given roles, they need to use special equipment and tools. One way the military protects its soldiers is by issuing them earplugs. However, a large number of veterans allege that these earplugs contributed to hearing problems.

Why are veterans suing 3M?

In 2015, 3M began selling dual-sided earplugs to the military. Over time, many veterans who used these earplugs began noticing certain side effects. The most common side effects of 3M’s earplugs, as reported by veterans, are hearing loss and tinnitus. Currently, bellwether trials are taking place in Florida involving the cases of three selected veterans. After these trials, there’s potential for a massive lawsuit involving 229,000 veterans to start gaining momentum.

The details behind the 3M lawsuit

A multidistrict litigation claim states that 3M and Aearo are responsible for the rise in hearing loss and tinnitus cases among veterans. According to the claims, the previously mentioned companies allegedly knew their earplugs didn’t create a proper fit in the ear and could come loose. There are also allegations that 3M’s earplugs contained a modification to yield better testing results, neglecting to inform the military this modification was necessary for optimal ear protection.

With that said, 3M remains steadfast in denying any claims that its earplugs are responsible for a recent rise in hearing loss among veterans. According to a recent statement from 3M, this company denies that its products were “defectively or negligently designed.”

To summarize, trials are underway involving a group of veterans seeking compensation from 3M for alleged damages related to this company’s earplugs causing hearing loss. Currently, the massive amount of claims against 3M combined themselves into a mass tort.