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Can shareholder disputes be prevented?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2021 | Firm News |

Texas shareholder disputes are extremely common and can be difficult to navigate, especially when they become costly realities. Fortunately, the disputes can be prevented by creating a solid shareholders’ agreement in advance. Create this agreement when starting the company instead of waiting until disputes occur. It’s also important to keep detailed records to ensure disputes are easier and quicker to resolve. Some disputes can be difficult to resolve without using mediation to ensure each party has the chance to communicate and have a discussion. Creating a plan of action will also make it easier to work with shareholders to prevent the business disputes from occurring and know what steps to immediately take when they do take place.

Can shareholder disputes be prevented?

Although it’s common for shareholder disputes to occur from time to time, they can still be avoided with the right steps taken. Start by keeping shareholder activists in mind and research the causes they support. Using mediation early on will also allow everyone to communicate better to prevent litigation. Staying organized with your records and keeping track of minutes during each meeting will also make it easier to make decisions and avoid confusion. The information you record will be invaluable to making decisions and can avoid miscommunication or mistakes. Shareholders can resort to the records to reach a resolution.

Who can you contact for legal assistance?

If you need assistance with resolving shareholder disputes, contact a legal professional to ensure you obtain the help you need to protect your business. You can also reach a solution quicker with an attorney who has experience handling business disputes. The legal professional will inform you of your rights and help you to navigate the process. You can schedule a legal consultation to get started.