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Updates on Zantac rulings

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | product liability |

Zantac, or ranitidine, is a popular antihistamine and antacid that has come under increased scrutiny. People in Texas should know that there’s evidence that the use of Zantac has been linked to the development of some cancers. Because of this, lawsuits for product injury have been brought against the manufacturers of Zantac and generic versions. One of these lawsuits is a multi-district action. A January ruling in Florida has had nationwide effects for these cases.

United States District Court ruling

This ruling in U.S. District Court made the case against generics more difficult. The court held that attempts by states to force manufacturers to re-label their products were not in keeping with federal law. The court ruled against the plaintiff’s claim that ranitidine products can be relabeled by states. They said that the case could not proceed under the argument that the generics were misbranded at the time of sale.

The manufacturers contended that it’s not possible for them to comply with federal regulatory institutions like the FDA while adding new warnings to their products, and the court agreed. The court did, however, point out that there are already some existing differences in the way that generics and name brands label their products. Specifically, they can have different expiration dates.

The court dismissed the plaintiff’s motion while noting that the expiration date issue may provide a way forward. They provided plaintiffs with 30 days to make another plea against generic ranitidine manufacturers. As a result, there is potential for the multi-district product injury case to move ahead.

Justice for victims of harmful medications

If you believe that you have been injured due to using Zantac or a generic ranitidine product, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney. It may be possible to collect damages related to such personal injuries.