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Issues with 3M earplugs

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | product liability |

Many service members in Texas and across the country have been joining lawsuits against faulty 3M earplugs. In 2018, 3M agreed to pay the U.S Justice Department $9.1 million for knowingly selling defective Combat Arms Earplugs to members of the U.S military. The issue with the earplugs was due to their design. Service members reported the earplugs being too small and thus would easily loosen. This, of course, placed service members at risk of not hearing enemies on the battlefield.

Joining the 3m earplugs lawsuit

Many of the service members who have been affected by this issue may not see compensation if they are not a part of the lawsuit. The initial product injury lawsuit was filed in Florida in July 2019 and combined more than 1,220 lawsuits, many from service members. However, many of those members were able to file due to the negative effects the earplugs caused. Some of the issues that would qualify you for compensation include:

  • Difficulty hearing
  • Loss of balance
  • Buzzing and ringing sounds

Types of compensation you may be eligible for

Due to the severity of issues that 3M earplugs have caused, you may be eligible for certain compensations. For example, if the issues have caused you to lose hours at work or completely prevented you from working, you may seek loss of future earning capacity or loss of wages. Even if you have been working, you may also have the ability to seek compensation for other items such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.