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Bonnie E. Spencer, Principal

Bonnie E. Spencer has been a practicing as a business, securities, transaction, and litigation attorney on the Houston legal scene since 1980 and has enjoyed serving her many corporate and individual business clients. She believes that it is an adventure and a challenge for her to find the key legal solution to each legal problem brought to her by each client.

Bonnie has long assisted her various clients such as individuals who have lost money because of fraud, criminal activity or negligence, broker-dealers needing help to comply with regulatory licensing and compliance, businesses having financial disagreements with other businesses or investors, individuals with claims against investment firms, SEC, state and FINRA regulatory compliance, capital formation, white collar criminal defense, shareholder/partnership/member disputes, and businesses/individuals having internal business administrative/control/operational difficulties, and other general company and partnership problems of virtually all types.

Bonnie E. Spencer is the most senior lawyer in the firm and is also the proud mother of the youngest lawyer in the firm, her daughter Ashley M. Spencer.

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Home > Firm Information > Lawyers & Staff > Bonnie E. Spencer, Principal